At Whistler

Yesterday I had a fine time.

Friends from Wales were at Whistler BC for a ski holiday. I decided to visit them.

Tony Cavaciuti, his wife Marie, their son Andrew, his wife Nikki and their kids Florence and Oliver have been skiing at Whistler each year for many years.

Tony and I have been friends since about 11 years old. He went to a neighbour school and we met on opposing teams. We also enjoyed rugby together too. Also, Tony’s Dad Andrew, a wonderful first generation Italian owned and ran a small cafe in our home town. He made the best ice-cream and served wonderful food too.

The family made me feel so welcome at their apartment at Whistler. We had lunch together at the pub and even had time for a coffee afterwards back at the apartment.

It was so good to see all of them at what might be their last visit to Whistler after over twenty years of visiting.

Safe trip home folks. God bless.

I Never Tire Of Telegraph Cove.

Here’s another post I’ve been meaning to do since early August.

Cousins Sian and Jay came up from the Seattle area in the first week of August They stayed for a week and I enjoyed having them here. Mostly we did short trips around the valley and spent some time with my family here in the area.

However, we did make the 3+ hour drive to Telegraph cove one day. Here’s a map to give those of you overseas and idea of where we went.

Comox to Telegraph Cove: Vancouver Island

The object of the trip was to board a vessel owned by Stubbs Island Whale Watching and go in search of marine life. We hoped to see orcas, humpbacks, dolphins etc and we weren’t disappointed. We gathered together on the dock to get a team picture before we left. Even the skipper squeaked into the shot! (Back left)

Team pic


Leaving Telegraph Cove.


The surface was flat calm which suited Sian nicely.

Much of the time the surface was like this.

Soon we were all absorbed in scanning the surface for whales. We failed to spot orcas but saw three humpbacks feeding together in one spot.


All Hands On Deck.


Humpback lunge feeding (Photo from Wikipedia) As stated I did not take this picture, but this represents very well what we saw.


The whale watching trip was a great success.

Soon, the week was over and it was time for Sian and Jay to leave. However, we did manage to end it well with a family night out for dinner.

A family dinner ended Jay and Sian’s visit

That’s all folks. ‘Bye for now and God bless.




Ian’s Visit: Aug-2016

My cousin Ian arrived in Comox on August 8th. He had come, for ten days,  to visit his mother and us. He spent most of his time with Jean going places locally in the valley and spending time with her at local beauty spots like the marina. which she loves. The days went too quickly and soon he was on his way back, August 17th.

I put together a short video of his trip which you can see by clicking here. I hope you enjoy it.

You can also take a closer look at some of the pics in the slideshow below.

‘Bye for now and God bless.

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