Charlotte Goes To Kindergarten

This past week was a great one for Charlotte and a hectic one for her family. Tim and Andi took her to meet the teacher (or is it creature?) during a half hour time slot one day. Next came a half class visit followed by a session with the full class. In the remaining days, she went full time and loved the whole thing. In fact, on one of the first half days she came home and asked her Mum why they couldn’t be full days. “Is that all there is?”, she asked, or words to that effect. Reminds me of the first kindergarten day of someone else in our family. (I won’t mention his name otherwise Ben might be unhappy). He came home at the end of his first day in KGTN. When asked how things had gone he replied, “O fine, but I’m not going back tomorrow” When we asked why not he said, “You told me I would learn to read when I went to school and I didn’t!”
Charlotte had a great time. We look forward to supporting her in this new phase of her life. Love to all you out there who read this.