Lady Cynthia

Recently my friend Jannice informed me of an item she’d seen on the BBC news.  In Ladysmith, a small town south of us on Vancouver island​​, a gigantic rhododendron was causing heads to turn. 

A local councillor was proposing that this shrub be promoted as a tourist attraction. The shrub, a version called Lady Cynthia, is 115 years old and was brought from Devon, UK by early settlers. The shrub now dwarfs the house of the current owners.

Today I drove to see it and took my auntie Jean with me for the day out. As you can see, Lady Cynthia was gorgeous to behold and awesome in its presence… much like my lovely lady.

If you’d care to read the whole of the BBC item click here.

‘Bye for now and God bless.

Moving On

A short while ago Tim, Andi,Oliver and I went to see him sparring in a new taekwondo tournament. He did very well, enjoyed himself and appreciated seeing the black belts demonstrate their power and grace. 

Days after, we were able to watch Charlotte in her last cross-country race of the season and the last in her present school. 

How fortunate I am to have these lovely kids and my family living so close. Blessings abound!!

Love to all who read this. 


Another First…For The Family

Hi everyone! I hope your Easter weekend was good.

Sunday was another first for our family. We held our first Easter Dinner without Cynthia. Eleven of us gathered at my home and had a very good time. Production of the meal was shared and therefore no hardship for anyone. The meal was great, the company excellent.

Though we missed her and other loved ones gone before, I know Cynthia was  with us in spirit and would have been proud of the good family time we shared.

Love to all… Martin

Memorial Service For Cynthia

That Wonderful Smile

That Wonderful Smile

Dear Family and Friends,

Last Sunday, February 05/2017, our family held a celebration of life/memorial service for our beloved Cynthia. In spite of atrocious, snowy weather, many friends and family members joined together at Mark Isfeld School to celebrate and remember Cynthia’s well-lived life. We had the service recorded for family overseas and for those who could not make it on the day.

Our family did its best to honour Cynthia and to carry out her wish for the service, that it would honour Jesus, her Lord and Saviour.

We trust this video will bring you a measure of peace and some joy. Maybe it will also help with closure to Cynthia’s sudden death.

Much love from the Davies family.

Our sincere thanks to Fox And Bee Media for the wonderful video


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