Cynthia’s Memorial Bench

Tim And I Enjoying The Sun.

I wanted to place a memorial bench for Cynthia at the Filberg Lodge here in Comox. Cynthia was a board member, a director for quite a few years, and loved the whole Filberg park area.

Joe, the maintenance man at the lodge, also loves to build things. He built the bench and did a beautiful job. After Ben, Tim and I had agreed on the inscription for the plaque for the bench, we got it done. We wanted the wording to be short and sweet.

The Inscription. We Wanted It Short and Sweet

On Sunday, Tim, Andi, Charlotte, Oliver and I went down to check out the new bench. We loved it! Thanks Joe!

L-R: Oliver, Andi, Tim and Charlotte at Cynthia’s Bench

The bench is located near the cutting garden in the grounds. If you live on Vancouver Island or the lower mainland and haven’t visited the Filberg Lodge here’s where it is in Comox. If you live locally and happen to be in the area I encourage you to visit the lodge, tour the house and have a cuppa or a meal at the Summer Kitchen. Who knows you might even spend a moment on Cynthia’s Bench. If you do say hello to her!

‘Bye for now and God bless.

It’s Near The Cutting Garden



Cuba 2018

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Cuba. The trip was organized by Tom Robertson of the Comox Valley.

Tom and Yeunnyz

Tom has been taking parties to Cuba for well over twenty years. Two years ago Cynthia and I did a similar trip with Tom and friends. Then we went west to east. This time was east to west. We began at Holguin and went clockwise around Cuba, departing from Varadero

Cuba Trip: Holguin (1) to Varadero (11)

The trip took us from Feb. 03 to Feb. 17 and was made in a very comfy bus driven by Tom’s expert driver Angel, and guided by Tom’s guide Eric.

Our group of people was made up of old friends known to me, acquaintances and some new friends who were all great. We were a small group and everyone hit it off right away

On the trip the thing I liked best was visiting the homes of local people to sample their coffee or buy some of their crafts. They also provided snacks for us in some cases.

Our Host Makes Coffee Cuban Style

On one occasion we attended a pig roast organized for us by Tom. A small band of local musicians played and it was a memorable night. We even got a chance to make music…well, not really, but we had fun.

Our Band…Not Up To Much But Having Fun

We visited many different cities and saw some beautiful buildings. we also saw what needs to be done to restore many of the buildings to their former glory, and with the help of some funds from UNESCO that’s slowly happening.

A Theatre From Days Gone By

One of the major highlights was a visit to Trinidad, the only truly colonial style city left intact in Cuba. It’s cobblestoned streets and Spanish style architecture made us aware of how gorgeous the town must have been in its hey-day. The brick bridge there is the only one in Cuba and as such is a national treasure.

Cobbled Streets and Tiled roofs in Trinidad

The Bridge In Trinidad

There is so much to tell you but neither time nor space. When we got to Havana and saw the Revolution Square, the fabulous cars from the fifties were there as always, in great numbers.

In The Main Square

Pink Was Popular

Eventually we had to leave. Once again I’d enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells of Cuba. We ate well and interestingly too. Check out this menu.

Guess What You’re Having!

The people of Cuba were so gracious to us. They are so full of life and so creative with what they have. If you have any thoughts about going…do it! You might want to go with Tom Robertson,  for I know you would enjoy it.

If you’d care to see more pics from the trip you can click here. 

Feel free to download or copy any of the pics you want.

‘Bye for now and God bless.

Cynthia’s Book Of Love

The Front Cover

Those of you who aren’t on Facebook, but receive news of us through this blog, you would not have seen a short post I wrote there recently. It was about Cynthia’s Book Of Love.

If you remember back to  November 2016, when Cynthia was first diagnosed as having cancer, she was given months to live. (The actual time left to her turned out to be much shorter). At the time of this diagnosis, my son Ben came up with the wonderful idea of inviting friends and family here and around the world, to write to Cynthia and share their feelings with her. Tim and I and all the family were so supportive of Ben’s idea.

Ben sent out the instructions for getting the writings here and they started flooding in. The plan then was to put them into a book and give the book to Cynthia a little farther on in time. Sadly her condition deteriorated so quickly were were unable to get the book done and to her before she died. However, we did manage to read many of the first arrivals to Cynthia over her last few days.

Folks, I’m now delighted to tell you that Ben presented me/our family with his beautiful book on Monday morning. It is magnificent as you can see from the cover pictures. Please take my word that your comments are SO beautifully displayed inside. I have read my way through two-thirds of the book. It’s a joy to read, though sometimes difficult to read for the tears. Our family will treasure this book forever. It’s to be kept at my house, which means if you would like to see it, then I get to see you too too! Sneaky huh!

The Back Cover

Thank you family, friends and colleagues for sharing your love and memories regarding Cynthia. Thank you Ben for all the love and caring you put into getting the book done.

“Tell your loved ones you love them every time you get the chance and love them with everything you have.”   Holly Butcher

‘Bye for now and God bless!

A Great Trip To Vancouver.

Just Arrived At Roger’s Arena. L-R Tim, Oliver, Ben and Me

On Tuesday Jan.02 Ben drove Tim, Oliver and myself to Vancouver to watch our beloved Vancouver Canucks play the Anaheim Ducks at ice hockey. There was another reason for the trip too, and that was to allow Tim to attend a morning clinic at St. Paul’s hospital next morning.

We arrived at the hotel in time for us to have a little break and then we were off to Roger’s Arena for door opening and to watch the teams warm-up.

Oliver was pumped to be there.

Oliver was excited to be there…we all were and were hoping to see the depleted Canucks team put on a good show vs the Ducks. Sadly it was not to be as the home team was blanked 5-0 by the visitors. However, it didn’t dampen our enthusiasm for the trip. After the game we had a meal then hit the sack for a reasonably early start next day.

We drove to St. Paul’s next morning and following X-rays, ECGs, and two hours of meetings with medical people, Tim was allowed to leave. His overall check up went well and everyone there was pleased with his progress. He sure is doing a good job of caring for his health.

We managed to catch the 1pm ferry and the ride home was uneventful thanks to our very competent driver Ben. It had been a great time together. I loved it and I think the others did too.

Thank you Lord for a great medical team at St. Paul’s, Your loving care for my son and my whole family.

‘Bye for now and God bless.

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