Ian’s Visit: Aug-2016

My cousin Ian arrived in Comox on August 8th. He had come, for ten days,  to visit his mother and us. He spent most of his time with Jean going places locally in the valley and spending time with her at local beauty spots like the marina. which she loves. The days went too quickly and soon he was on his way back, August 17th.

I put together a short video of his trip which you can see by clicking here. I hope you enjoy it.

You can also take a closer look at some of the pics in the slideshow below.

‘Bye for now and God bless.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4 comments on “Ian’s Visit: Aug-2016

  1. Enjoyed seeing that everyone looks well and happy …love to you all…how does Ben see the economic future ?Still have a few shares ,and Qantas made a profit this year ,so Stacey got a 3,000 dollar bonus …yes she is still flying ..Sheila and Bob ,still in the land of the living at the moment…😄😄😄

    • Thanks for the response Sheila. Good to know that all is well for you and especially for Stacey. regards to Bob. Regarding your query about Ben, I have attached his latest newsletter to a separate email for your interest. Martin

  2. Great to see Jean and Ian,s visit and your video. I am still in Manitoba and Ontario visiting family and friends. Awaiting the arrival of my first greatgrandchild ,due sept. 09 ,in Winnipeg, then will book a flight back to Comox. Please give Jean a hug from me and wish her a belated Happy Birthday. Maggie B. in Kenora ,Ontario   This area of Canada is as close to looking like Vancouver Island as I have seen.

    • Thanks for the response Maggie. I will certainly pass on your good wishes to Jean. It’s now considered by the seniors’ health team (nurse and Doc) that Jean has Alzheimers. We are seeing a marked decline in her memory and function. However, she is still eating and sleeping well. We hope she will be able to continue at Berwick for a while yet. Enjoy yourself as you look forward to the birth of the new babe. Love. M

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