Exciting Time

I’ve meant to share this post since the end of school in June. Something always seemed to go wrong so thought I’d try again.

My granddaughter Charlotte finished a section of her education by moving on from Brooklyn Elementary School. Above you see her receiving her certificate from her school principal.

She participated in the assembly playing guitar in one number.

She also sang beautifully in a choral group.

Her mum and dad (above, who also works at Charlotte’s school) were so proud of her and I was too. Her brother Oliver who was seated among those on the gym floor cheered her on.

Well done Charlotte! Now it’s on to the next exciting step in your education at high school. Love you. Grandpa.


Something Fishy Here.

Wednesday was field trip day for the seniors at Cumberland Lodge. Their bus took them to have a fish and chip lunch at the little trailer at Comox Marina. The weather was sunny the temperature perfect and the location great. Volunteers unloaded tables and chairs and soon lunch arrived. Jean enjoyed hers. As we were eating, a guy began playing the piano which is located in the area. Soon we were all toe-tapping to Scot Joplin ragtime. His wife and son sang. An added bonus was the seniors being able to watch the kids playing in the adjacent water park. Ice-cream followed for dessert and after two hours or so it was time to re-load the bus and head for home. Judging by the smile on Jean’s face I’d say she had a good time. Wouldn’t you?‘Bye for now and God bless.

Happy Birthday To Jean.

Today my aunty Jean had her 86th birthday. Above you see her holding a bouquet of flowers sent by family members in the U.K.

I took her out for lunch at the Black Fin pub in Comox where she had her favourite clam chowder soup and we shared a small pizza. She had a good time.

After lunch I took her home to have a nap. Later, I picked her up and took her to my house where 10 other friends and family came for cake and ice cream. We even had a glass of wine!!

We were together for about two hours. We loved the occasion and for Jean, it was a time for her to see old friends. I know she loved it too.

‘Bye for now and God bless.

Halifax And Back

Early on Wednesday morning good friends Don and Lynore Harrington and I set off from Comox to Halifax NS. The purpose of the flying visit was to attend the wedding of Emily Minton and Scott Mc. Queen. Emily is the daughter of other good friends Jan and Brad Minton. Emily and Scott live and work in Halifax.

En route through Calgary we met Andy and Shelley, also heading east to the wedding.
We caught up on a whole lot of "stuff" while waIting to fly out of Calgary.

Once in Halifax and at the hotel the family/ friends group snowballed quickly.

With one day between landing and wedding, a caravan of us visited Mahone Bay and Lunenburg. It was a super occasion. We men bundled into one vehicle and gabbed football, hockey, trucks etc. , while the women used another vehicle and talked quilts, wedding and grandkids.

The wedding went very well. Em looked gorgeous and her beau was handsome. They both handled the occasion so well. There was much love in the room, the dinner was great and there was some hot boogying after. I even managed to shake a leg too. Thanks Rebecca!!

We're so glad we went. Now, writing this at Calgary while waiting for the final connection home, it's great to reflect on how love really does make the world go round. (Some more pics below)

'Bye for now and God bless.

Brad and Jan, Em's parents.

Em's aunt Louise tackles her burger.
Andy and Shelley looking great.

Don about to board a corvette named Sackville. Lynore's father had served on corvettes in WW II so the tour of this ship was of special interest to her.

Lynore and Don before Bluenose II