November 26. 2017: A Happy Day For Sure.

Yesterday, was a lovely day as two important events occurred. First of all, my younger son Tim celebrated his birthday.

Preparing to Blow

Tim’s wife Andi, (who sadly took the pics and isn’t shown even though I took one of her) and her Mum Jo, prepared a lovely meal for us to eat. Oliver and Charlotte made sure their Dad had a good time by giving him his gifts. Tim told us he’d had a great day which made us all feel good.

Secondly, earlier in the day Oliver had tested for his Blue Belt in Taekondo and was successful in achieving it.

With Teacher Richard (left) and Grand Master Kim

Above you can see him with his fabulous teacher Richard Dobbs. Grand Master Kim had good words to say about all the participants. I’ve included some short video clips which will show you some of the aspects of the Blue Belt testing.


We missed Ben and Josée as they were on a trip. We also missed Cynthia for sure, but loved having her there in our hearts and in spirit.

‘Bye for now and God bless.

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Another New Belt Gained

Oliver with Instructor Richard.

Hi everyone..Grandson Oliver gained another belt in Tae Kwon Do on Sunday, June 04. This one was the Blue Stripe. He has a terrific instructor, Richard Dobbs and you can see the pair of them above.

Many young people went through various tests for different belt levels. Unfortunately because I got my wires crossed (easy for Grandpa to do these days!) I only got to the activities in time to see Oliver and the others presented with their new belts. However, the main thing is the kids did so well and obviously had such a good time.

Below you can see a short video of Oliver involved in one of the requirements in gaining the new belt…board breaking.

‘Bye for now and God bless.

Moving Up, Slowly But Surely.

Last weekend, Tim, Andi, Ben and I went to support and watch Oliver participate in his green stripe belt test in Taekwondo. The test involved the demonstration of kicking ability, defence and attack moves and poomsae, which you might remember from  a previous post. It’s the demonstration of a sequence of movements which involve speed, grace and power.

We had a great time. Oliver did too once the butterflies had settled.  Below are a video I made of the occasion and a small slideshow.

Best wishes to all. ‘Bye for now and God bless.

With teacher Richard and Grand Master Kim

With teacher Richard and Grand Master Kim

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Oliver Got Belted!

Oliver and Tim waiting for his test to begin.

Oliver and Tim waiting for his test to begin.

Today I had the pleasure of accompanying Oliver and Tim to Oliver’s yellow belt test in Taekwondo. Oliver and many others undertook the test in Courtenay. Grand Master Woo Kim had come from Surrey, Vancouver, for the testing and black belts from the local area were also judges. Oliver’s teacher Richard Dobbs conducted the class.

The group went through warm up. They then did exercises to toughen their knuckles and did knuckle pushups on boards. They did their poomsae or group form together. Each student had to declare the tenets of Taekwondo and was asked to count in Korean along with doing their favourite kick for the judges. They performed in pairs to do other kicks, kicking paddles held by the black belts. Basic defence moves were asked for and done.

It was a wonderful two hours watching kids who have grown so much in confidence over the time they have been involved in TKD. In Oliver’s case, he is thriving under the wonderful teaching of local black belt Richard Dobbs.

We celebrated Oliver’s new belt with a visit to the Dairy Queen!!

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If you’d like to see some video clips of the day, take a peek below.

‘Bye for now and God bless.