Operation Popcorn 2019

This morning, friend Sid Popham and I presented boxes of popcorn to the ER and ICU departments of our local hospital. The popcorn is donated by the British Columbia Transplant Society to hospitals in BC which participate in the retrieval of organs for transplant purposes.

Sid received a heart 20 years ago and is doing fine. In fact he’d just finished playing in an old timers’ ice hockey game when he joined me.

Other volunteers were to have joined Sid and myself but had to withdraw at the last moment. Two were parents of a young lad whose organs were donated after his death. Another is the mother of a two time heart recipient now at college. My son, a two time heart recipient was called in to work this morning. However, Sid and I got the job done.

Below are more pics from this morning. I am always amazed at the reactions of the staff. Most of them tear up as they see the living proof that their efforts in the retrieval process are not in vain.

Goodbye for now and God bless!

Cynthia’s Memorial Bench

Tim And I Enjoying The Sun.

I wanted to place a memorial bench for Cynthia at the Filberg Lodge here in Comox. Cynthia was a board member, a director for quite a few years, and loved the whole Filberg park area.

Joe, the maintenance man at the lodge, also loves to build things. He built the bench and did a beautiful job. After Ben, Tim and I had agreed on the inscription for the plaque for the bench, we got it done. We wanted the wording to be short and sweet.

The Inscription. We Wanted It Short and Sweet

On Sunday, Tim, Andi, Charlotte, Oliver and I went down to check out the new bench. We loved it! Thanks Joe!

L-R: Oliver, Andi, Tim and Charlotte at Cynthia’s Bench

The bench is located near the cutting garden in the grounds. If you live on Vancouver Island or the lower mainland and haven’t visited the Filberg Lodge here’s where it is in Comox. If you live locally and happen to be in the area I encourage you to visit the lodge, tour the house and have a cuppa or a meal at the Summer Kitchen. Who knows you might even spend a moment on Cynthia’s Bench. If you do say hello to her!

‘Bye for now and God bless.

It’s Near The Cutting Garden


Carol Sing

Margaret, Neil and Lynore lead us.

Margaret, Neil and Lynore lead us.

A few evenings ago, we visited the home of friends here in Comox. They had asked us and other friends to come and join in a good, old-fashioned carol sing. Lynore led us in the carols, Margaret played her flute and Neil played the electric piano. We raised the roof and had a marvellous time together. The pics are a little fuzzy, but thank you Calvin for taking them anyway.

‘Bye for now and God bless.

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Ian’s Visit: Aug-2016

My cousin Ian arrived in Comox on August 8th. He had come, for ten days,  to visit his mother and us. He spent most of his time with Jean going places locally in the valley and spending time with her at local beauty spots like the marina. which she loves. The days went too quickly and soon he was on his way back, August 17th.

I put together a short video of his trip which you can see by clicking here. I hope you enjoy it.

You can also take a closer look at some of the pics in the slideshow below.

‘Bye for now and God bless.

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