Operation Popcorn 2019

This morning, friend Sid Popham and I presented boxes of popcorn to the ER and ICU departments of our local hospital. The popcorn is donated by the British Columbia Transplant Society to hospitals in BC which participate in the retrieval of organs for transplant purposes.

Sid received a heart 20 years ago and is doing fine. In fact he’d just finished playing in an old timers’ ice hockey game when he joined me.

Other volunteers were to have joined Sid and myself but had to withdraw at the last moment. Two were parents of a young lad whose organs were donated after his death. Another is the mother of a two time heart recipient now at college. My son, a two time heart recipient was called in to work this morning. However, Sid and I got the job done.

Below are more pics from this morning. I am always amazed at the reactions of the staff. Most of them tear up as they see the living proof that their efforts in the retrieval process are not in vain.

Goodbye for now and God bless!

The Best Christmas Present Ever

In Tim's Room At Hospital Day Before Surgery

In Tim’s Room At Hospital Day Before Surgery

Hello everyone…as most of you know by now, our family received the most marvellous Christmas gift this past Christmas. Our son Tim received a new heart, the second one in his relatively short life of 41 years. Of course, this gift came wrapped in a covering of sadness, for it meant that someone, somewhere had lost their life so that Tim might continue his. Our family will always be eternally grateful, that either an individual or a family, or both, had made the choice to donate organs, to give the gift of life to someone else.

Tim was in the cardiac surgery intensive care init (CSICU) for over two weeks. During that time he was sedated so we couldn’t speak with him, only talk to him. We whispered lots of prayers in his ears.

We had a Christmas without him. We stayed at the home of friends of Tim and Andi. They were holidaying in Florida so loaned us their home.

Tim eventually came around as sedation was withdrawn slowly. He was totally confused, naturally, so we were encouraged to repeat dates times locations to him in order for his brain to reorient itself to his surroundings.

Over the weeks he has progressed from the CSICU to the regular heart ward. He is now, on January 14th., able to walk a lap of the ward (about 105 metres) without stopping, eat all his meals while sitting up in a chair and operate his phone as his dexterity has returned. He has set goals with the transplant clinic nurse for when he feels he will be able to move to the apartment we have rented close to the hospital.

Our family wishes to thank all of you out there who have supported us with prayers, loving thoughts and encouraging words. We also thank Jesus, our Saviour, for His care and love for us in getting us through and being with us, in this trying time.

Love to all. Goodbye for now and God bless.

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