Operation Popcorn 2019

This morning, friend Sid Popham and I presented boxes of popcorn to the ER and ICU departments of our local hospital. The popcorn is donated by the British Columbia Transplant Society to hospitals in BC which participate in the retrieval of organs for transplant purposes.

Sid received a heart 20 years ago and is doing fine. In fact he’d just finished playing in an old timers’ ice hockey game when he joined me.

Other volunteers were to have joined Sid and myself but had to withdraw at the last moment. Two were parents of a young lad whose organs were donated after his death. Another is the mother of a two time heart recipient now at college. My son, a two time heart recipient was called in to work this morning. However, Sid and I got the job done.

Below are more pics from this morning. I am always amazed at the reactions of the staff. Most of them tear up as they see the living proof that their efforts in the retrieval process are not in vain.

Goodbye for now and God bless!

How Fortunate…

photo 2-1

The Feet In Question

This morning my feet decided that they and I  should go for a walk. I had just dropped off Cynthia and Tim at the Healthy Heart Program at the hospital. Following that action, my feet made their decision.

I headed down Harwood St. towards English Bay here in Vancouver’s West End. I hadn’t gone far when I saw this lovely older house now sided by two apartment towers.


An Older Home, Now Apartments

It looked so welcoming with its Canadian flag and the Camellia shrub next to it coming into bloom. As I stepped it out, I was surprised how pleasant it was walking in this neighbourhood. I enjoyed the different architecture, the comparison between the design of the older buildings and the modern towers replacing them. Look at the older Kensington Place building just down the road from us, with its beautiful cherry tree coming into blossom.

photo 1-1

Kensington Apartments

The rest of the walk was a delight. There were more buildings with their shapes and angles, beautiful trees, a bandstand in the park,  some squirrels doing whatever they do at this time of year, and even some freighters in English Bay waiting to give up their cargoes.

I felt blessed to be alive and so fortunate, especially when I reflected on the past weeks since December 23 and Tim’s surgery. How glad I am that he is doing the laps at the Healthy Heart Program with his amazing, wonderful mother there to cheer him on.  How grateful we are to have a loving, supportive son Ben, and Andi and Josée wives of Tim and Ben respectively, along with Tim’s children Charlotte and Oliver. How wonderful it is to have extended family and friends here, and worldwide, to love and care for us. Thank you Lord, for everything.

‘Bye for now and God bless.

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Update On Tim

Singing In The Rain

Singing In The Rain

Here’s an update on Tim, written by Tim, for those of you who haven’t received the update on him any other way. He posted this update on Facebook yesterday.

“Another week has come and gone. Andi, her mom, the kids and I went to he movies on the weekend which was fun and normal! Dad came when they left and we had some nice walks and a break from the hospital visits. Andi arrived Wednesday to be here for my first post transplant clinic Thursday morning after my heart biopsy (grade zero no rejection!!). We met with the kidney Drs today and they are very pleased with my kidney function. My weight continues to drop, no swelling in the legs and virtually none in the stomach!! Made it up two flights of stairs today which is a first. Thank you for your continued support and love. Tim”

This picture was taken as we were setting out for a walk in the rain. The apartment block is located near St. Paul’s hospital in Vancouver. Tim still has to attend weekly clinics there for weeks to come. The area is the west end of Vancouver which slopes gradually down to the water of English Bay.  We walked down the hill to the water but then had to return uphill as we completed the block. Tim managed the hill very well without seeming breathless. The struggle for him came in the form of aching legs. However, we all know that he has lost so much muscle mass that it’s going to take time to rebuild-hence the discomfort.

As Tim mentioned above, our family wishes to thank all of you for your continued love and support. Much love from us to you, and to God be the glory.

‘Bye for now and God bless.