Cynthia’s Memorial Bench

Tim And I Enjoying The Sun.

I wanted to place a memorial bench for Cynthia at the Filberg Lodge here in Comox. Cynthia was a board member, a director for quite a few years, and loved the whole Filberg park area.

Joe, the maintenance man at the lodge, also loves to build things. He built the bench and did a beautiful job. After Ben, Tim and I had agreed on the inscription for the plaque for the bench, we got it done. We wanted the wording to be short and sweet.

The Inscription. We Wanted It Short and Sweet

On Sunday, Tim, Andi, Charlotte, Oliver and I went down to check out the new bench. We loved it! Thanks Joe!

L-R: Oliver, Andi, Tim and Charlotte at Cynthia’s Bench

The bench is located near the cutting garden in the grounds. If you live on Vancouver Island or the lower mainland and haven’t visited the Filberg Lodge here’s where it is in Comox. If you live locally and happen to be in the area I encourage you to visit the lodge, tour the house and have a cuppa or a meal at the Summer Kitchen. Who knows you might even spend a moment on Cynthia’s Bench. If you do say hello to her!

‘Bye for now and God bless.

It’s Near The Cutting Garden


My Favourite Four Year Old.

Mesmerized by the sparklers.

Yesterday, October 12th was Oliver’s birthday.  He is without a doubt, my favourite four-year old on the planet.  Oliver also happens to be my Grandson, so there could be a wee bit of bias in my decision making about four year olds.  Cynthia and I were invited to dinner at his home, along with GJo (Grandma Jo), his other grandma.  All three of us were delighted to go for the evening.   Cynthia and I arrived ahead of Jo who was bringing Charlotte, Oliver’s sister home from one of her activities.  Tim, Oliver’s Dad, Oliver and I had a great time before the meal by smashing a balloon around the living room, trying to keep it off the ground, among other things.  I’d forgotten how much fun can be had with a single  balloon.  Oliver battled hard and before long we were all pooped.  Jo arrived with Charlotte and the meal began.  It was good, and you will never guess what we had for dessert!  Right first time if you said cake!

About to devour the cake

Following supper and cake, Charlotte, Oliver and I tried to assemble one of his gifts.  We got most of it done though I suspect tree ten year olds would have completed the job entirely in the time we spent on it.  Later, Cynthia had to go to a meeting so she and I left.  We’d enjoyed ourselves and now have lots to savour as we appreciate the time spent with some of the young and older members of the clan.  ‘Bye for now and God bless.

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