At Whistler

Yesterday I had a fine time.

Friends from Wales were at Whistler BC for a ski holiday. I decided to visit them.

Tony Cavaciuti, his wife Marie, their son Andrew, his wife Nikki and their kids Florence and Oliver have been skiing at Whistler each year for many years.

Tony and I have been friends since about 11 years old. He went to a neighbour school and we met on opposing teams. We also enjoyed rugby together too. Also, Tony’s Dad Andrew, a wonderful first generation Italian owned and ran a small cafe in our home town. He made the best ice-cream and served wonderful food too.

The family made me feel so welcome at their apartment at Whistler. We had lunch together at the pub and even had time for a coffee afterwards back at the apartment.

It was so good to see all of them at what might be their last visit to Whistler after over twenty years of visiting.

Safe trip home folks. God bless.