Motocross Comes To Pridy

Oliver Does A Wheelie

This evening Tim brought Oliver over to have dinner with Cynthia and myself.  The girls in his family were doing other things.  We had our meal together which was great, then Oliver and I went outside so that he could ride his bike.  Tim, still suffering from his back injury, came out too.  We decided to build a little ramp for Oliver to try riding as Tim loves to mountain bike too. Of course, this ramp was inches off the ground as Oliver is two years and eight months old.  We cobbled together the ramp from old bits of plywood and little blocks of wood.  As we built on each section Oliver would scoot over them on his Strider bike and test each section.  The longer we made it (well I actually assembled it as Tim was too sore to do so), the better Oliver liked it.  Round and round he went for over an hour, loving every minute of the rides.  It all came to an end when it was time for them to leave.  Oliver traded his civvies for his pj’s and we stored the ramp in the woodshed, ready for another day. It always amazes me how something so simple can bring so much pleasure to all concerned.  Nice riding Oliver!  Take a peek below folks.
Cheers to all who read this.

Oliver’s Strider

We had Oliver to stay with us over the weekend . He brought his “strider” with him. It’s the neatest little bike without pedals. It’s sturdily built, heavy to lift but easy to propel. He simply sits astride it, has his feet on the ground and walks it along. As he gains his balance, so he moves himself faster and faster until he can lift his feet and freewheel. When he slows, he simply adds more leg power as one would if using a scooter, except he uses legs alternately. We took Oliver and Charlotte (now aged 2yrs 5ths and 5yrs 4mths respectively) to the local air park walkway where they could free-wheel to their hearts’ content. Of course Charlotte has pedals on her regular two-wheeler and scoots along nicely. The good thing about the Strider is that it has been purchased cooperatively between Oliver’s parents and another set of their friends who have a son younger than Oliver. Oliver will use the bike ’til he outgrows it and then it will go to Gavin, who will be the perfect age to ride it. Smart cookies eh? Stay well folks and all the best from us.