Wonderful Efforts, Fabulous Outcome.

Brooklyn Elementary School

Brooklyn Elementary School

On Thursday, Cynthia and I went to see the last concert of the school year at Brooklyn Elementary School, here in Comox. Our grandchildren, Charlotte and Oliver were participating in the concert, in their classes. We were so impressed with the energy, enjoyment and general enthusiasm shown by all who enabled the concert to happen…the kids, teachers, parents and support staff. We saw a wonderfully diverse array of performances. There were choral items, musical drama, ribbon dancing, musical story telling, and the final item, a Japanese folk tale told through the spoken word, choral work, and drumming. There were over 100 children of all ages involved in this final item. The gymnasium was packed with parents. The energy  between the children who were performing and adults in the audience was magical. I was so impressed by the way the kids of all ages were so “into” whatever they were doing and the level of discipline they showed while performing their items.

As a former teacher in both elementary and senior schools, I can appreciate how much effort it took, on the part of students and staff, to produce this fine piece of work.

Huge credit has to go to the school’s amazing musc teacher, Jenn Forsland who is so in touch with the kids that it is a thing of beauty to behold. However, the classroom teachers, the office staff and the children of the school are all to be commended on producing such a wonderful outcome.

The senior students of the school and Ms Forsland produced a school song, apparently something Brooklyn has never had, which was performed in the concert. The song was written to commemorate Brooklyn’s fiftieth anniversary. Below is a link to a short video produced around this song. I hope you enjoy it.

Well done Brooklyn and thank you staff and students.

Wake Up, It’s Time To Go To Brooklyn!

Goodbye for now and God bless.