Everything Was Gouda.

Well, I have been so lax in getting new posts done. I thought I’d correct this today with a quick note about a trip I took with Ben and Tim. We visited Holland in April/May bound to do a 12 day cycling trip on a route picked out by Ben. We flew in to Amsterdam and stayed with host friends John and Lia at their B & B in Aalsmeer.

While at Aalsmeer with John and Lia, Ben guided us on the bikes to Flora, the world’s largest centre for flower distribution. If you visit Holland, make sure you go this place. It is amazing.

We were fortunate that Ben had made friends with B & B hosts Lia and John on a previous trip. Not only did we get to visit them this time, but they arranged tour bikes for Ben and Tim, and an E-bike for me. (I knew I’d never keep up with the others on a regular bike!)

We spent a couple of nights in Aalsmeer with John and Lia, visited war memorial cemeteries in Arnhem as well as interesting other places such as the outdoor museum and the magnificent gardens at Keukenhof. The trip was a huge success as far as I was concerned. I got to spend time with my sons. I met new people and made new friends. The food was great, the beer was better and I only fell off the bike three times in the whole trip! What more can I say? (Well, actually, if you’d care to see more pics you can click here. ‘Bye for now! God bless.)