A Great Trip! Yes, Another One!

Ben, Craig and Me

Ben and his friend Craig invited dads Al and me to accompany them to a Vancouver Canucks hockey game. It turned out to be one of the best experiences in my life, and I think Al would concur with that.

We drove to the ferry in Ben’s truck and then hoofed it to the ferry and on to Rogers Arena. We arrived at our “seats” which just happened to be at a private suite in the arena. What an experience that was. We got there just before the teams came on for warm up. There was beer in the fridge!

Beer Available

There were finger foods available.

Beer and Veggie Starters

Chips and Popcorn

The teams came out for warm-up. and we took our seats. Later on, other guests arrived at the suite. We enjoyed meeting them.

Ben and Al (leaving) Front Row

The game came later and we thoroughly enjoyed it even though our beloved Canucks lost. The game could have gone either way.

Following the game we returned to our hotel and had an evening meal to complete the occasion. Al and I both had the same reaction to the whole affair. We were so humbled that when Ben and Craig got the tickets, they invited their Dads to share the experience with them. They looked after us and would not allow us to spend a cent. It was a complete role reversal. We did get a little taken aback when they offered to buy us Pirate Pack meals on the ferry home. (Locals will understand that)

It was a marvellous time! Thanks guys!

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At Arrowsmith

Tim (left) and Ben find a new friend at the Cheeseworks

I  meant to add this post weeks ago, but my memory failed me.

At the end of September, Ben, Tim and I did a little road trip down island to Arrowsmith Golf course. It’s a gorgeous little spot and if you have the chance to play there, take it. For those of you who might like to see where it is in relation to our home town of Comox and also Vancouver, here’s a map.

The occasion was a two night getaway for the older Davies men (we’ll get you with us soon Oliver). Tim and I drove down in Rosie the RV and Ben lead the way in his truck.

We played 3 nine hole rounds and actually surprised ourselves that we could still make the club heads hit the balls! We visited the local Qualicum Cheese Factory. We ate, drank and slept well. Rosie provided us with comfortable beds right there in the parking lot at the course.

Personally, I had a great time with my sons. I think they enjoyed the getaway too.

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Exciting Time

I’ve meant to share this post since the end of school in June. Something always seemed to go wrong so thought I’d try again.

My granddaughter Charlotte finished a section of her education by moving on from Brooklyn Elementary School. Above you see her receiving her certificate from her school principal.

She participated in the assembly playing guitar in one number.

She also sang beautifully in a choral group.

Her mum and dad (above, who also works at Charlotte’s school) were so proud of her and I was too. Her brother Oliver who was seated among those on the gym floor cheered her on.

Well done Charlotte! Now it’s on to the next exciting step in your education at high school. Love you. Grandpa.

Something Fishy Here.

Wednesday was field trip day for the seniors at Cumberland Lodge. Their bus took them to have a fish and chip lunch at the little trailer at Comox Marina. The weather was sunny the temperature perfect and the location great. Volunteers unloaded tables and chairs and soon lunch arrived. Jean enjoyed hers. As we were eating, a guy began playing the piano which is located in the area. Soon we were all toe-tapping to Scot Joplin ragtime. His wife and son sang. An added bonus was the seniors being able to watch the kids playing in the adjacent water park. Ice-cream followed for dessert and after two hours or so it was time to re-load the bus and head for home. Judging by the smile on Jean’s face I’d say she had a good time. Wouldn’t you?‘Bye for now and God bless.