Popcorn For Christmas

Hello family and friends,
Volunteers from the British Columbia Transplant Society delivered popcorn to the North Island Hospital, Comox Valley this morning. The popcorn is a gift to staff in the ER and ICU departments to thank them for their involvement in the retrieval of organs to be used in transplants.

Below you see pictures of the volunteers with the ER staff and below that, the ICU staff.

With the Emergency Department Staff

With the Intensive care unit staff.

The volunteers can be seen in the top picture. Sid Popham, a heart recipient 20 years ago  is standing extreme left. Kneeling we have (right) myself, representing son Tim who was working. Tim is a double heart recipient (1999 & 2014). Kneeling (middle and left) are Doug and Jacquie Martin, parents of Cieran who was tragically injured in a car accident at age 16. His organs were donated.

The visit was especially significant for Doug and Jacquie as they met a nurse who had been involved with Cieran at the time his organs were donated. The nurse was the first staff member the Martins had met who had been involved with Cieran.

Many of the staffs were reduced to tears as they never see the result of their efforts. Big hugs and high fives were in abundance. It was a wonderful time. Goodbye for now and God bless.

Please consider giving the gift of life by registering on the organ donor registry in your own country.
Here in British Columbia Canada, register on BC’s organ donor registry atransplant.bc.ca

2 comments on “Popcorn For Christmas

  1. Martin, thanks for the blog. Cindy and I are having dinner at the Milburn’s ( Rigatoni’s). While here a read to them your blog of A+B+C= Love. A truly amazing story that brings tears to ones eyes. Thanks for sharing

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Rigatoni eh Roy! Shades of darling Doris. I will never forget the Italian Dinners years ago. They were marvellous.
      So glad you liked A+B+C=LoVE. The wedding was electric! There was so much love, joy and excitement in St. Peter’s you could almost cut it.
      Love to you and Cindy. Please give the Milburns hugs from me. Blessings! M

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