What A Beautiful Day!

Dear family and friends…this is an unusual post for me. It contains no pictures and very little text. However, I hope it conveys the joy I feel in my heart right now.

Yesterday I attended a wedding…a very special wedding, and witnessed what I consider to be a miracle. For security reasons there are no pictures and  I won’t mention any names. Let me give you some background.

About four years ago, Cynthia and I became involved with a group trying to bring a young woman to Canada …let’s call her A. She had escaped from her homeland where she and her family were being persecuted because of their religious beliefs. At the same time, her fiancé…we’ll call him B, escaped  for the same reasons. He’d already been imprisoned because he would not deny his faith, but had been removed and put to work outside the prison as he had some special skills, useful to the local army or police. He bided his time and escaped.  During their escape, and subsequent travels in search of a country where they could be safe, they became separated. He went south, she traveled north. They were separated by thousands of miles.

After a while, A found refuge in a foreign country and also found out she was pregnant. She gave birth to a daughter C. She managed to support herself and her baby by cleaning homes and working at a day-care. Eventually A met a young Canadian woman who lives close to where I live. She was traveling abroad  and ended up working in the same daycare as A. They became friends and shared stories. The young Canadian came home and with her parents began to look for ways to bring A and C to Canada. This is where Cynthia and I became involved as part of the group helping to bring A and C here. Eventually, after more than two years, A and daughter C came to the valley. After one year of support by the group, A is now self supporting. After much searching on-line and through the media, A eventually found B and they managed to stay in contact. .

Fiancé B was working to stay alive in a very difficult situation in a different foreign country. Another church group here in the valley was looking to sponsor a refugee. Members of our group contacted the other church and suggested they try to bring over B.  The other church group agreed. They too began the long process of filling out forms and attending endless meetings. Members of our group helped where they could, though I had withdrawn somewhat after Cynthia died.

Finally, B arrived earlier this year and has rejoiced in joining A and meeting the daughter who for years he didn’t know he had. C loves her daddy.  C and he had learned a little of each , bit by bit, through Face-time and Skype after contact  had been made. B is now already working hard as a cleaner at a hospital . He also helps out with a landscaping company in the summer. He is well on the way to becoming independent of the support group.

Yesterday they were married at our local church. They were surrounded by the two groups who brought them. The atmosphere was electric, filled with love and joy. They danced their way out of the church and into the reception in the church hall, with C dancing behind them. It was a spectacle I will never forget.

My heart was filled with joy and love at seeing their happiness. These three people have been given a chance to start a new life in an amazing country. Cynthia and I did our little bit in this process, but I feel that our reward has been so much more.

Thanks be to God!


‘Bye for now and God bless.

6 comments on “What A Beautiful Day!

    • Hey Jo! It was marvellous day Jo and I was so happy to be there. I’ve enjoyed seeing the pics of your trip and hope you two continue to travel safely. Cheers for now.

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