Cynthia’s Book Of Love

The Front Cover

Those of you who aren’t on Facebook, but receive news of us through this blog, you would not have seen a short post I wrote there recently. It was about Cynthia’s Book Of Love.

If you remember back to  November 2016, when Cynthia was first diagnosed as having cancer, she was given months to live. (The actual time left to her turned out to be much shorter). At the time of this diagnosis, my son Ben came up with the wonderful idea of inviting friends and family here and around the world, to write to Cynthia and share their feelings with her. Tim and I and all the family were so supportive of Ben’s idea.

Ben sent out the instructions for getting the writings here and they started flooding in. The plan then was to put them into a book and give the book to Cynthia a little farther on in time. Sadly her condition deteriorated so quickly were were unable to get the book done and to her before she died. However, we did manage to read many of the first arrivals to Cynthia over her last few days.

Folks, I’m now delighted to tell you that Ben presented me/our family with his beautiful book on Monday morning. It is magnificent as you can see from the cover pictures. Please take my word that your comments are SO beautifully displayed inside. I have read my way through two-thirds of the book. It’s a joy to read, though sometimes difficult to read for the tears. Our family will treasure this book forever. It’s to be kept at my house, which means if you would like to see it, then I get to see you too too! Sneaky huh!

The Back Cover

Thank you family, friends and colleagues for sharing your love and memories regarding Cynthia. Thank you Ben for all the love and caring you put into getting the book done.

“Tell your loved ones you love them every time you get the chance and love them with everything you have.”   Holly Butcher

‘Bye for now and God bless!

11 comments on “Cynthia’s Book Of Love

  1. Sounds great, when life settles down, we must get up for a visit with you. On the odd occasion we come to the Comox Valley, it is for a meeting or function then we must head back home.

  2. The book was such a fabulous idea, I’m so glad you have it to treasure the

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  3. This is a lovely way to remember someone as much loved as Cynthia. Well done ,Ben, for the hard work in putting such a beautiful book together. Something for you all to treasure.

    • Yes Margaret. It’s a lovely piece of work. It’s just a pity we weren’t able to read more to her and actually present the book to her. Love. Martin

  4. HI Martin

    This is a most lovely post – thank you for putting it up!

    I had wondered what had happened to that project – and how generous of Ben to follow through, and give it to you to cherish. I imagine how it warms your heart to read it.

    Love L

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