At Arrowsmith

Tim (left) and Ben find a new friend at the Cheeseworks

I  meant to add this post weeks ago, but my memory failed me.

At the end of September, Ben, Tim and I did a little road trip down island to Arrowsmith Golf course. It’s a gorgeous little spot and if you have the chance to play there, take it. For those of you who might like to see where it is in relation to our home town of Comox and also Vancouver, here’s a map.

The occasion was a two night getaway for the older Davies men (we’ll get you with us soon Oliver). Tim and I drove down in Rosie the RV and Ben lead the way in his truck.

We played 3 nine hole rounds and actually surprised ourselves that we could still make the club heads hit the balls! We visited the local Qualicum Cheese Factory. We ate, drank and slept well. Rosie provided us with comfortable beds right there in the parking lot at the course.

Personally, I had a great time with my sons. I think they enjoyed the getaway too.

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10 comments on “At Arrowsmith

    • Totally agree Cathy. We are so fortunate to live on this wonderful island.Hope things are improving in your family. Love and all good wishes to you and Doug.

    • It was a good time indeed David. How did you behave? I notice there’s nothing about you in the comment. Peter mentioned to me that he is easily led astray.

  1. For Autumn the weather and you and the boys in shorts ,it must have been mild , love the photos ,relaxing time for all …

    • Yes Sheila…we’ve had an extremely hot summer and it’s lasted into the fall. Yesterday in Comox the temp went up to 16C, which for this time of the year is very warm. Hope you and Bob are well. Love to both.

  2. Hi MThis is a great post!  You 3 had fun!We got home today – long trip, but very successful – clear roads all the way!Sadly Norm was not well – he had an episode, so was very sleepy.  Next time will be better, hopefully.See you soon Love L 

  3. Looks like you had a good time on the golf course and the cheese factory. I make no comment about the donkeys.

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