Moving On

A short while ago Tim, Andi,Oliver and I went to see him sparring in a new taekwondo tournament. He did very well, enjoyed himself and appreciated seeing the black belts demonstrate their power and grace. 

Days after, we were able to watch Charlotte in her last cross-country race of the season and the last in her present school. 

How fortunate I am to have these lovely kids and my family living so close. Blessings abound!!

Love to all who read this. 



16 comments on “Moving On

  1. Nice to see the youngster ,involved in activities ,went to see Tom playing soccer on weekend .Eldest on 3 great grandchildren ,now 8 yrs ..Both Charlotte and Oliver have gorgeous red hair …We have an Oliver also ,now 4yrs .Love to all Sheilaxx

  2. It is wonderful for you to have family so close and they are so lucky to have you in their lives. I just can’t believe that Charlotte and Oliver are growing up so quickly.

  3. Aren’t grandkids wonderful – I’ve been taking Owen to swimming lessons the past month or so, now he’s in soccer until mid June – Then dinghy camp like last summer ? Meanwhile Kylie is very busy horsing about, and has her dance recital next weekend. Yes, so glad to have them close by, and to live in such an awesome area !! Too bad the youngest (Cameron) is on the mainland, but hope to get a visit in soon !! Cheers Jane

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  4. Fabulous! It’s great that that they live near so you can enjoy their achievements! Jan xx

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  5. It’s always a pleasure having you join us for these events Dad. The kids enjoy seeing you there cheering them on.

  6. I hope the encouragement for the kids during their activities is a little less ape like than we get in Oz with some parents. During my time coaching various teams at school, I’ve seen parents go completely ape on the sideline. It’s life and death stuff for some of them!

    • We get the occasional story of the hockey parents going wild. Thankfully, nothing that Oliver and Charlotte are involved in warrants that much hype. Tim and Andi are very laid back when it comes to Oliver competing and he just seems to enjoy the occasion, win or lose.

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