Another First…For The Family

Hi everyone! I hope your Easter weekend was good.

Sunday was another first for our family. We held our first Easter Dinner without Cynthia. Eleven of us gathered at my home and had a very good time. Production of the meal was shared and therefore no hardship for anyone. The meal was great, the company excellent.

Though we missed her and other loved ones gone before, I know Cynthia was  with us in spirit and would have been proud of the good family time we shared.

Love to all… Martin


12 comments on “Another First…For The Family

  1. Beautiful pictures Martin and I am sure Cynthia was there in spirit. You have a wonderful supportive family and I know Cynthia is so proud of you all. Love and hugs, Tricia and Ron

  2. Hi Martin

    Am so glad that your dinner went well – and so sad that dear Cynthia was not there – a reality that takes getting used to and I really don’t want to….. I think that you are a brave soul, dear friend, and we pray for you daily.

    Love L

  3. Looks like a lovely occasion, Cynth would be very happy. Sorry Martin, can’t seem to get my reply to work on the blog site! Jan. x

    Sent from my iPad


  4. It takes time ,but am sure that Cynthia was there in spirit ,I am really missing my chats with Gwynne and somehow have lost interest in going to U.K. The grandchildren and great grand children now are here and they seem to grow up so fast …and at 85 time flys …Prayers and thoughts with you and family .Love to all .xxx

  5. Beautiful photos. Holding you all in my prayers as you go through all these “firsts”. Lots of love to all of you. Cat

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