First Time…Without Cynthia

Last night, our immediate family went out to celebrate our wedding anniversary as we often did in years gone by. The big difference this year was that Cynthia wasn’t there with us to enjoy the evening. We had a good time, which is what she would have wanted, but oh how we missed her. I know there will be a lot of “firsts” this year, as 2017 rolls by. I also know Cynthia will always be with me/us in spirit, at each of these “firsts” as the year progresses. Love you always my darling.

Ben et moi.

Ben et moi.

From front right clockwise: Oliver, Charlotte, Tim, Andi, Josée and Ben.

From front right clockwise: Oliver, Charlotte, Tim, Andi, Josée and Ben.


20 comments on “First Time…Without Cynthia

  1. Oh dear Martin We were sure thinking about you all last night as you were out to dinner.  And missing her……Thank you for this postLove L 

  2. Thank you Martin for keeping touch ,but Cynthia is with you in spirit ,good to see the smiling faces ,the children are growing up…

  3. Martin, it was not until your last post that we had any idea that the Lord had taken Cynthia home to be with Him. Know you are in our prayers and we send you our love.
    Denise and Brian+

    • Hello Denise and Brain. It was all so quick. Six weeks and two days from diagnosis to death. It was avery aggressive form of stomach cancer. Cynthia was at home, at peace and pain free when she died.
      Best wishes. Martin

  4. Thank you Martin, we were thinking about you yesterday. I remember a year when we happened to go to Toscanos to celebrate our (Hazen and me) anniversary, the four of us sat together and had a toast. Ours was Dec. 28th we were either late or you were early who knows after all these years. Very happy you had your family with you. Love Tricia

  5. I’m sure it will be a difficult year for you Martin…lots of good memories of a very special person. I feel honored to have had her as a friend in my life.

    • I know she’ll be helping all of us get through it Sharen. Thanks for your comments. I know Cynthia loved all in your group very much. Nothing would keep her, if possible, from lunch with you lovely ladies.

  6. Martin, yes 2017 will be quite a different year from what we anticipated a season ago. I am sure that we will make it through with the love and support of our families, and God’s grace and mercy; He has much that He still wants us to do.

  7. I love so much that you are all together, working through these firsts together. It doesn’t suprise me that Cynthia’s boys (men!!) are there for one another at all. It warms my heart and I know you will all make it through these difficult days ahead together. Love and hugs to you all. 51 years is an amazing number Martin. We should all be so lucky. xoxo

    • Thanks Maurice. I appreciate your thoughts. It will be a very different 2017 without Cynthia my lovely wife. All the best to you and yours. Martin

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