January 03..A Special Day

Cynthia and I were married on January 03-1966.  It was one of the best days of my life, for I got to marry the love of my life. We had so much fun together, had two wonderful sons, gained two beautiful daughters and two super grandchildren. What could be better than that? So my friends, please join with our family and me tomorrow in raising a glass to my dearest love, Cynthia. It would have been 51 years of marriage tomorrow if she had made it…almost, but not quite. R.I.P. my love…I will love you always.At Home, With Ti-Poux


34 comments on “January 03..A Special Day

  1. You have been in my prayers remembering your 50th last year. May the Lord comfort you on this your special day (Jan.3rd) & always. He is with you holding you close. With love & prayers.

  2. Hi Martin. Thinking of you and Cynthia has always made me smile, ever since Ben described you as “poster children for retirement”. Whenever Julie and I discuss the possibility of going on a trip, one of us says :Well, the Davies would” and that kind of seals the deal!


    Dave and Julie B.

  3. Hi Martin

    This is a beautiful tribute to your life with an amazing lady. You were perfect together.

    We remember with love

    Love L and D xo

  4. Hi Martin: I did not know that Cynthia had gone to be with the Lord my prayers are with you my friend.

    • It was so quick Richard…six weeks from diagnosis of stomach cancer, to death on Christmas Eve. She is at peace now and free from pain. Blessings to you and yours. I wish you every happiness for the New Year.

  5. We raised a glass to our dear friend at last Friday’s lunch.
    I’ll raise another today to celebrate your love.

  6. I’ll raise a glass to you both this evening Martin, my 1st of the year but the most perfect reason. Love to you -x-

  7. I remember 3rd January 1966. Several of us from college were there when you got married. It was a special day then and it will continue to be so. Thinking of you.
    Love, Margaret.

  8. Thinking of you so much over the holidays- so much love in your family, it really is an inspiration,

  9. We will definitely raise a glass to you and Cynthia this evening, and you are always in our prayers. Love & Blessings – Lydia & Mac

  10. Dear Martin and Family, my sympathy to all. The love that you and Cynthia shared was a gift to all who knew you, a light that shone , showing the love of God.

  11. My love for you both continually wafts in and out of my mind and my heart. Cynthia is one of God’s angels and I’ll treasure our friendship forever. Take care, Martin

  12. My computer has been buggered for quite a while, but Fiona and Aaron were up here last week, and Fiona managed to get my Hotmail moving again. So, my thoughts have been with you all even though I haven’t been able to use the computer. I managed to stuff it up again a couple of days ago, but somehow, by pure luck, got it going again. Almost afraid to use it now. Fiona thought it was getting to the time when I should be thinking about a new one. I’m sure she’s right, but money is tight right now after the Christmas period.

    Violet now works nights regularly, I’m not a fan of the night shift to put it mildly! But it suits Violet very well, so I have to wear it. It’s been stiflingly warm, no hot, here. Hottest January on record, and even too hot for me to walk on quite a few mornings. We resume Coastcare tomorrow after the summer break, don’t think I’ll be able to hack more than an hour of it. Anyway, I’ll turn up and just see how it goes. At least we’ll be in the shade as we’re going to trim overhanging branches on one of the paths down to the lake. I find I’m much more susceptible to the heat than the other volunteers, or am I just a wimp?

    Thanks for the blog mate. There’s nothing much I can say that hasn’t already been said I’m sure. Violet sends her love…………….bye for now…………regards Ralph


    • Thanks for the response Ralph. I know you are with us in spirit my friend, so no worries about not being in contact for awhile.
      I’m glad to read you are warm and cozy over there. I’m not sure I could handle the heat you have there, but as I remember it, your home stayed relatively cool when we were there.Still, I hope the heat causes you no physical problems. Plans for the memorial service on Sunday are coming to a close. I think what we want to happen will, and we will trust in the Lord that it does. Only two rellies from Seattle are coming from afar. Most are too elderly now to make long trips.We will all be glad when the service is over as it will probably bring a degree of closure to Cynthia’s death. Of course, who knows how long, if ever, it will be before we can really be comfortable without her.We will certainly never, ever forget her and the impact she had on all our lives and the lives of so many more in this community and around the world.All the best to you and Violet Ralph. Keep the emails coming when you feel like it my friend, for I sure enjoy being in touch with you. Love to both. Martin

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