First Event

Gold medal for poomsae

Gold medal for poomsae

Last weekend Tim, Andi, Charlotte, Oliver, Cynthia and I went to support Oliver in his first Tae-Kwon-Do tournament. It was held in Parksville, a 45 minutes drive south of us on Vancouver Island. He and we enjoyed the well run event. When the initial nervous period was over and the butterflies settled, Oliver said he enjoyed it very much.

The children his age and younger competed in threes or fours. That way everyone got a medal, which was a great experience for these little uns. Oliver did very well getting a first place in Poomsae. Poomsae is the performance of a sequence of movements which involves strength, grace and power. He got a joint third in sparring.

Here are some pictures and a short video from the day. I hope you enjoy them. ‘Bye for now and God bless.

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2 comments on “First Event

  1. Weĺl done Oliver. Your parents and grandparents must be so proud of you. You represented your family and club very well. Congratulations

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