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Hello everyone! We returned from our trip to Cuba on Tuesday, Nov. 24. We spent 16 wonderful days there with a super group of people. We flew in to Varadero and home from Holguin. The tour was organised by a local man, Tom Robertson, who has been taking groups to Cuba for over twenty years. We spent nights at all-inclusive resorts at the beginning middle and end of the trip. The rest of the time we stayed in smaller Cuban hotels, often in the middle of the cities.

We enjoyed the food, the beer, the rum and even managed to learn quite a bit more of Cuban’s history from our marvellous guide Eric. Angel our driver kept us safe on the road and Tom organised our accommodation superbly.

We visited, orchid gardens in mountains, a community of people living in the middle of Lake Habanabilla and had coffee with them and had a visit to a home there, we swam in mountain pools under waterfalls, we visited local markets (2), we even watched Tom have his haircut and visited his Cuban mother-in-law’s place.

The Cuban people were so kind, gentle and hospitable towards us. We tried to go over half-way in meeting them, and they more than reciprocated, enjoying our feeble attempts at speaking Spanish. If you’d like to know more of the trip, get in touch with us. The trip was a great experience!

Below is a small slide show of our pics from the trip. If you’d like to see a more extensive group you can click here (Our pics from Cuba).

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6 comments on “Cuba-2015

  1. ERIC!!! Omg this is the best guide in CUBA!!! He is so down to earth, tells it like it is, so funny and laughing all the time! Our tour with him was amazing and he made it that way!! He is so educated on Cuba that you can ask him anything and he will tell you the exact date it happened! He knows 5 languages and is trying to learn even more!! Unreal. He is married to a blond hair blue eyed cuban woman and they have young children. Miss him already and we just left. So nice too see others enjoyed him as much as we did!!!

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