Goodbye New Orleans

imageimage imageWell we’ve come to the end of our short stay in this great city.  Tomorrow we board the American Queen paddle wheeler for Memphis, some 7 nights away upriver.

During our time in NO we have found the people to be so friendly, the food good and the hospitality excellent. One can feel the spirit of the people who are so proud to be up and running again following the devastation of Katrina.

We have eaten local food, traveled looked the locals on the streetcar system  and seen some of the more interesting places. For me, the French Quarter was a magical place.  Sounds of music echo from church squares and street intersections. You never know what’s coming next and that has to be one of the fascinations of the place for me.


10 comments on “Goodbye New Orleans

  1. It is a long time since I was last in NO, but I remember the music and the food very well. Have fun. Love Tricia and Ron

    • We’ve had a great three days Tricia. Can’t do the place justice on the blog using the I-Phone. Thanks for the response. Love to you and Ron.

    • Thanks Andrew. We needed the break. Thanks for taking time to comment. Can’t do justice to the blog posts using just the phone. Best wishes to all.

    • Yes Jan. Lovely ship. Cabin small but comfy. Went to Oak Alley this morning. Former sugar plantation and house. Very good. Can’t do justice to blog via I-Phone

  2. The sights, sounds and smells of New Orleans are so special. So glad to here the city has come aluve after the Katrina devastation. Here’s hoping the Queen is treating you both well.

    • Having agood time on board. Seeing a few of the river ports at Vicksburg today. Civil war ended here.
      Feeling like a slug after reading your cycling posts. Best wishes. Martin

  3. One of the places I’d love to go to if I had any steam left. So content to muddle along at home now, it’s a worry considering my history. Anyway, reading about it is the next best thing. One of my ex-students has been ‘doing’ Europe with her Mum and her sister and that brings memories flooding back, but at least I’ve been to all those places. Love to you both………..Ralph

    • We feel more and more that we are leaning more towards having plans that are pre-approved by us. By that I mean we feel more like joining tours. We
      feel it takes so much energy from us to organize trips now that we’d like to have it done for us. Like you, we are slowing down but not stopped.
      Love to all at Green Point.

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