Thanksgiving In Canada.

Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving Meal

Well folks, it’s that time of the year, when, in Canada, families get together to share a special meal and perhaps, give thanks for the good things in life. The meal usually centres around a turkey and/or a ham, with various types of vegetables and dressings. We will be no different from others. Our turkey will be one reared by Ben and Josée on their little farm. Sadly, they won’t be there to enjoy it as they are traveling.

So if you are celebrating this way, at this time of the year, exactly for what are you thankful ? And exactly whom or what are you thanking? In our family we will be thanking our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for all he has done/ is doing for us. As we join hands in prayer around the table at meal time, we will think upon his sacrifice for us. We will give thanks for Cynthia who will prepare the meal. We will also give thanks for this beautiful country in which we live and for the great people who make up Canada.

Not least we will give thanks for the caring people who have treated Tim over the past weeks, for the difficult but correct decisions they made and for their massive commitment to getting him well.

Finally, we will give thanks for Oliver, the youngest member of our group, who, on Sunday, who will be celebrating his seventh birthday that day. We love you to bits Oliver and as you are a huge Star Wars fan…”may the force always be with you.”

Our Two Main Men This Weekend

Our Two Main Men This Weekend

Love to all and may your weekend be a blessed one. Bye for now and God bless.


10 comments on “Thanksgiving In Canada.

  1. That looks like a great feast ,have just got back from U.K. Spoke to Julie and found out Julian had had a stroke but was recovering well ,did manage to have afew words with him ….Julie told me that Tim was having problems again ,do hope and pray that he is recovering now ,I thought it was about now that you were travelling again and was shocked to hear news …Love to you all and I will keep praying for our families to keep safe ….Sheilaxxxxx

    • Hi Sheila…as always great to hear from you. I hope your trip to the UK was a good one and that you got done all you wanted to get done. Cynthia has been corresponding with Julie re Julian. She was good enough to let us know about the stroke and his rehab. Tim had a chance for anew heart last monday, but as he had an abdominal infection at the time, the risk associated with transplant surgery was considered too great. However, Tim’s life was kept secure through the decision and the heart was made available to another person, who subsequently got a new life. It was a win/win situation and we are all at peace over it. Love and best wishes to you and yours.

  2. A very beautiful picture of a Dad and his son. God bless you all, we will be giving thanks for being able to share in your lives.

  3. Jean and I will also be with you in spirit at your Thanksgiving table this year. Tim and family will also be held close in our prayers. Love and best wishes to all the Davies clan.

  4. HI both , Hope you all have a lovely thanksgiving evening ,give our love to everyone , best wishes to oliver , we think of you all every day , enjoy your family gathering , hope ben and josee are having a good time , give Tim a big hug

    Love to all

    Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2014 19:16:56 +0000 To:

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