Bring Him Home

May I ask you first of all to listen to this beautiful song from Les Miserables and make special note of the lyrics. Hopefully, you will enjoy it again, for you must have heard this before at some point.

Jean Valjean (Alfie Boe) sings these words about Marius, one of the young revolutionaries. The words have always had special meaning for me, as a father.

Cynthia and I have two wonderful sons. We have loved them dearly since they were born.  They love each other and support each other, and they love us.

Our younger son Tim was hospitalized for three weeks. Yesterday we were able to “Bring Him Home”. For those of you who know our family, you will know that Tim will face further health issues down the road. However, as always, with God’s help, our love and support for each other, and the love of our extended family and friends like you, we will get through. One day at a time has always been our aim.

Suffice to say that right now we are so glad to have Tim home.

Goodbye for now and God bless.


13 comments on “Bring Him Home

  1. Martin and Cynthia – I truly feel your heartfelt passion for family and your positive outlook on all that will be a happy ending for Tim, Andi, Charlotte, and Oliver. My prayers to all of you. -Cathy

    • Thanks a million for the response Cathy. We’re all resting up a little today. Tim’s not been sleeping well at the hospital and last night it was so quiet at home he couldn’t sleep then either!
      Best wishes you two

  2. Martin, I’m so glad to hear that Tim has gone home for now. May you all find a sense of normalcy, and may he get his much-needed sleep.

  3. Great news for you both and family. We are thinking of you all. There are only two songs that bring tears to Sian’s eyes and this is one of them.

    Love and best wishes to you all

    • Sian is not the only one who suffers leakage when listening to Bring Him Home. It has always been a favourite of mine, and whenever Tim is in the hospital I always sing that song as a prayer for him. Thanks so much Andrew for your continued loving support for Tim and our family in general. News of your parents?

  4. I have always loved that song Martin, it is beautiful.

    We are so pleased that Tim is home – here’s hoping the call comes very soon. It must be wonderful to have him around the corner again.

    Love from Julia and Roger x

    • Yes Julia, it is great to have him him. We hope we can keep him home for along time now. We are now into the next stage, always one day at a time.
      Thanks for your response and love and best wishes to you two. Martin

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