Beautiful To Behold.

DSCN9603As we come to the end of our stay and with this title, you might be forgiven for thinking this post was going to reflect on Cynthia. However, lovely as she is, inside and out, I thought I’d give you a peek at some of the gorgeous plants on our complex.

Today I took a stroll around the place with my camera in hand. Take a peek at the colours open to me and the others staying here. This is just a small sample of the palette one views here in Hawaii.

‘Bye for now and God bless.

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8 comments on “Beautiful To Behold.

    • Yes Jean, I know I am absolutely beautiful and the flowers are pretty too aren’t they? We fly overnight tomorrow and Get in to Vancouver around 07,00 I think, Then, the little plane will bring us into Comox around 09.00.

    • Just caught your comment M & J. Thanks for posting it. The flowers in the complex really caught my eye one day as I wandered around. The camera did a good job, but God did the best. What a sight for sore eyes those flowers were. Love to both. M

    • Yup Maurice. It’s been a fine time. Red-eye home from Kona tonight. Into Vancouver at 05.10 then commuter plane to Comox. Home around 09.30 Cheers!

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