Big Island-Hilo Side.

1507067_10151813827320906_374070832_nWell folks, our time on the east (Hilo) side of the big island is rapidly coming to an end. Tomorrow we pack up and leave for the West (Kona) coast and a week  there in the sun. The past week has been full of varied and new experiences for us. The rented house was perfect. The geo-thermal natural pool in the  garden was a constant source of enjoyment. The helicopter ride over Kilauea was a brand new, exciting time for all of us. We have loved snorkling in the tidal lava pools at Waimea just down the road from us. The day at the Hawaiian National Volcano Park yesterday was spectacular. We’ll be sorry to leave this area, but are looking forward eagerly to what lies ahead on the drier west coast. Hopefully, I’ll be in touch again from there.

Many thanks to Ben for the pictures attached to this post.

Good bye for now and God bless.

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8 comments on “Big Island-Hilo Side.

  1. Mart,
    some super photos; the volcano reminds me of the slag being tipped at Ebbw Vale steelworks. What are you and Cynth doing early March. We are going to Las Vegas and we have the option of a two bedroom apartment. Do you want to join us?


    • Hi Dil,
      I was thinking the same myself. The lava looks very slaggish, both caused by intense heat I suppose. It is definitely an awesome sight to see how much land is covered by the lava flows. Immense power. Will be in touch very soon, once I have chatted with Cynth, re Vegas.

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