Viking River Cruise-Apr./May 2013 (19)

Thursday, May 09, 2013-Day 20

The Idun left Koblenz at 4 am bound for Cologne. Last night we had been told that while none of our remaining tours would be affected, we would have to spend all day ashore on Friday as the ship needed to go in to dry dock for two hours. We began to speculate what had happened during the trip to cause this dry docking, but we were reassured it was a minor procedure. We were not convinced but also not worried at all.

During breakfast this morning we were able to watch the approach to Cologne as the ship motored gently downstream. Traffic on the river increased markedly, Barge after barge passing by fully convinced us that this river must surely be the world’s busiest.

Towards Cologne Cathedral From Our Cabin

Towards Cologne Cathedral From Our Cabin

Out ship docked beautifully, smoothly, about three blocks from the wonderful cathedral. We had been to the city and seen the cathedral in ’87-’88, but not from the river.

This was Ascension Day and today is a holiday in Germany. We disembarked and met our guide who proved to be superb. A shower of rain was falling gently, the first rain to affect us on the trip. However, it wasn’t enough to deter us and off we went on a walking tour heading to the cathedral.

Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral

Our guide told us that the Dom (cathedral) had been started in 1248, when the city had about 50 000 inhabitants (Financially, that would have equated to a city of 10 000 000 today). It was said that the bones of the three wise men had been brought here from Italy, and this gave rise to the building of the cathedral as a home for these relics. It took over 600 years (off and on) to build this fabulous cathedral and it was finished by using the original plans. Imagine how many generations helped build it.

Today, over 100 people come to work every day at the cathedral. They are the exterior cleaning crew who are constantly employed to keep the cathedral clear of grime, bird droppings, seeds and weeds etc., which fall/sprout on the building. (They have even had small trees growing in certain flatter areas of the roof)

First Sight Of The Cathedral

First Sight Of The Cathedral

We strolled around the outside in the shower as a service was going on inside. Eventually tourists were allowed in as the service drew to an end. It was so wonderful to hear the choir singing and catch the last part of the prayers.

Our guide pointed out to us a replica of one of the finials on the top of the cathedral. It was over 30 feet high and weighed Lord only knows how many tons. It is hard to imagine the craftsmen hoisting this to the top of the cathedral.

Replica Of A Cathedral Top Finial

Replica Of A Cathedral Top Finial

When we came out, it was time to head back to the ship. As Cynthia and I made our way slowly back to the ship, we tried to cut across a courtyard of red bricks. We were asked gently by a city worker, to detour around the red brick area. We noticed signs posted around the area. They stated that the Cologne Philharmonic orchestra was in a recording session beneath our feet. The red brick area was the roof of the Cologne concert hall!

Courtyard, Also The Roof Of The Cologne Philharmonic Hall

Courtyard, Also The Roof Of The Cologne Philharmonic Hall

We had learned so much about this city in such a short time. Like other places on this trip our appetite to re-visit had been increased.

We relaxed through the afternoon and watched the people come and go on the dockside. Cyclists mingled with pedestrians and children rode their scooters. It seemed the whole city was out and about, enjoying life on this Ascension Day.

At 6.15 pm we had our daily briefing in the lounge. That was followed by the Captain’s reception and after that we were asked to join the skipper and Gerhardt the hotel manager at their table for dinner.

Captain Igor Toasts the Passengers, While Gerhardt Looks On

Captain Igor Toasts the Passengers, While Gerhardt Looks On

Woowee…Harringtons and Davies had hit the big-time…not!

The dinner with Harringtons, Captain Igor and Gerhardt proved to be a very pleasant experience and Gerhardt looked after us very well. I know Don felt it was a little over the top the way we had three waiters and the Maitre D hovering around us, and I agree with that completely. However, they absolutely spoiled us.

Gerhardt Presents Each Crew Member To The Passengers

Gerhardt Presents Each Crew Member To The Passengers

Tomorrow we head downriver and dock in Rotterdam. One full day excursion remains and that’s that. I don’t know if it will be possible to post anything regarding this last day’s excursion before we get home. I will try, but…if not…thanks for coming along for the ride and for your support and comments.

Our time in Europe is fast growing short. Goodbye for now and God bless.

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4 comments on “Viking River Cruise-Apr./May 2013 (19)

  1. Have a safe trip home Martin and Cynthia! I am looking forward to squeezing my folks again as I’m sure your kids are too towards you. I have loved following your blog and seeing Europe again. I do miss it and all the culture.
    Love Ellian

  2. I’ve just recalled you went to play Rugby in Germany when you were 15 or 16. We played those lads on Abertillery Park the year before, and I believe the game ended in a draw. We were Under 15’s and most of the Germans were 17. It was absolutely freezing that day. I heard stories of you starring in Germany! I’d just about forgotten about all that until Jeff Dorrell was here earlier this year. He has a phenomenal recall of events all those years ago, and even earlier. Thanks again for your blog of your travels in Germany, outstanding mate!

    • Hi Ralph,
      you are absolutely right in saying that we went to Franfurt and Hanover aged under 15 witht he town team. However, I didn’t know aout your exploits on the park. Thanks for that.
      I have wonderful memories of that trip like Jeff D. we all had a great time as far as I know. Yes, they were on average two years older than us. In one game I remember looking up and counting their players. there were 20. I drew Nenni Williams’ attention to this and he got their coach to tke off five. They left the field only to return on the other side. In the end we carried on with them having 20 and us having 15. It was a bit of a hoot really. Roy Jenkins also got arrested for jay walking in downtown Frankurt. A burly police officer, with a gun, nabbed him and gave him a dressing down. However, once the man realised Roy spoke no German and he spoke no English, the finger wagging ended and Roy was released into our custody! There were many more happenings in that trip which was areal eye opener for me.
      Cheers, Mart
      P.S. thanks for the personal comments. I just have memories of all of us doing a lot of running, the ball moving like lightning and everyone having so much fun as we walloped ’em.

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