Viking River Cruise-Apr./May 2013 (15)

Sunday, May 05, 2013-Day 16
We had a leisurely breakfast as there was nothing major scheduled for the morning. The ship had left Nuremberg last night en route for Bamberg, and continued travel along the canal. However, we had been told that due to a major event, a huge marathon run, happening in Bamberg, we would not be able to dock at the scheduled place or do the scheduled activities. This was indeed a shame, for Bamberg was one of the few cities in Germany not destroyed by allied bombings. As such it is the largest old town in Germany to retain its medieval structures. Because of this, it was named a UNESCO world heritage site in 1993. It was a shame we were not able to see it, but it gives us one more reason to come back to this gorgeous part of Germany. Instead of a tour of this old medieval city, we would now be shown the Seehoff Palace, just outside the city.
At 10.30 our cruise director Vlad informed us of a trivia contest happening in the lounge,  so we, Don and Lynore mosied up to take a peek. Along with Gloria, our naturopath friend from Seattle, we formed a formidable team. Winners of the contest would be informed at the briefing tonight and presented with their liquid prize. More on that later.
About 11.45 the Idun docked near a huge pile of scrap metal on a dock in downtown Bamberg. It was to be our temporary docking place. We had lunch then boarded the buses at 1.30 pm. We were off to visit Seehoff Palace, a beautiful country home just outside the town of Bamberg. At the same time that we boarded the buses, the ship left its moorings for Hassfurt where it would wait until we re-boarded later in the day.
The ride to the palace was a short one. The entry to the pace was impressive as the palace (really a very large country home) sat on a rise and we looked up to it as we entered the grounds.

Seehoff Palace From The Entrance.

Seehoff Palace From The Entrance.

Because of the restructuring of the tour, our guid ‘fessed up that she new little about this place. We appreciated that, and as such, she was asked no awkward questions by the group. However, what she did, (and this was no mean feat) was to translate from German to English, what the local guide told us. We toured the house and it was very lovely. I especially liked a little angel painted on the ceiling of what must have been the ballroom. He was shooting an arrow from a bow. No matter from which point in the room you viewed him, he was always pointing his arrow at you.

The Angel On The Ceiling

The Angel On The Ceiling

Basically, the history of this place was it was built as a country retreat by some rich folk, who lost their fortunes and had to sell the house. Later, they regained their wealth and re-purchased their home to take care of it and install the gorgeous gardens for which the place became famous. Sadly, the gardens are no longer here but acres of grass and parkland. Our guide toured us around the grounds and did he best to give us as much info as she had been able to muster since hearing about her changed tour venue. At four pm we were all taken to the large fountain which erupted right at four with water going everywhere. It was a good sight, but Bellagios it was not.

Waiting For The Fountain At Four

Waiting For The Fountain At Four

Befoer the bus left, we managed to squeeze in an ice-ream at the cafeteria. The treat was lovely but the seat was even more welcome. At 5.30 our bus left for the ship and we boarded. As we headed in for dinner later on, we were told that there was abig problem with the air-conditioning on the ship but they were working on it. After a hot dinner, in more ways than one, we headed for our rooms and crashed! Yet another good day was had by all in spite of the changes.
Tomorrow we dock at Wurzburg.
Goodbye for now and God bless.

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