Viking River Cruise-Apr./May 2013 (8)

Outside The Opera House, Budapest

Outside The Opera House, Budapest

Sunday, April 28-Day 9

Today, we knew, would be our musical interlude day. We, Don and Lynore, breakfasted with some good folks from Summerland B.C. who arrived on the ship yesterday. After breakfast we took a stroll around the deck or got ready to leave and at 10.30 our taxi driver was waiting for us at the reception desk. After a quick , 10 euro rip-off ride, we were at the front of the Opera House. Lynore had booked seats for us to see the Puccini Opera, Tosca. (If you’d care to watch the movie, and have the time, click here.)

Within minutes we were inside and impressed already. The lobby was gorgeous and we paused to take it all in as attendees streamed past us up to the balconies. Lynore had good seats as we were six rows from the front in, more or less,  the middle. We, like many others, took pics of the house and oohed and aahed in all the right places.

Waiting For The Start

Waiting For The Start

The opera began, and the 60+ piece orchestra pounded out the overture. There was no doubt we’d be able to hear well! The opera set was magnificent as were the voices and within minutes we were spellbound. Cynthia assured me we had seen La Boheme in Cardiff while in school in Wales, but I had no recollection of that…this was my first opera, and I was loving it.

Three hours later, apart from two 15 minute breaks for set changes, we exited the Opera house. Rather, three of us exited while Lynore floated down the staircases, still swept up in the performance. It was magnificent.

We crossed Andrassy Ut and strolled down to Franz Liszt square, named in honour of the great composer. On the way, Lynore told me that Liszt caused a stir among performers as he was the first to play recitals WITHOUT music. The square was lovely in itself, and full of energy as people buzzed through it. There were many sidewalk cafés so we piled into one and ordered goulash soup for lunch. It was full of meat, veggies and potatoes, a meal in itself. After a brief stroll three of us took a cab back to the ship while Don went walkabout again.

Vendor Selling Pastries, Strudels On the Riverbank

Vendor Selling Pastries, Strudels On the Riverbank

As the weather is so beautiful and the temp about 25 degrees. Cynthia took her book on deck to read as did Lynore.

The ship left Budapest around 9.30 pm. We went on deck to watch the departure but also to see the city lit at night. It was spectacular.

The Chain Bridge From The Sundeck Of Our Ship

The Chain Bridge From The Sundeck Of Our Ship

Goodbye for now and God bless, but before you go, if you’d like to hear some music from the great man himself, Franz Liszt, click here

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4 comments on “Viking River Cruise-Apr./May 2013 (8)

  1. Enjoying following your travels. …..Very jealous ,something that is still on the bucket list…..

    • Hi Sheila,
      Great to hear from you and hope all is well with you and Bob.
      Thanks for the kind words. Am so glad you are enjoying the posts. Off to Vienna overnight, with Mozart concert booked for the evening.
      Best wishes,
      Martin, for Cynthia too.

  2. Hi Mart & Cynth,
    I’m quite envious of your seeing a performance of Tosca. Tosca is the first opera I had for Christmas when I was 14. I have most of Puccini’s operas on CD and usually try to listen to one of them most weeks.
    What other cultural events are you signing up for? I await your next bulletin.


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