Viking River Cruise-Apr./May 2013 (5)

Approaching The Rafting Area

Approaching The Rafting Area

Thursday, April 25-Day 6

Wow! Another glorious day was upon us as I peeked out the window around 7AM. We were still cruising and making good time towards the Croatian town of Vukovar. This town was 90% destroyed in 1991 wen the Serbs invaded and has since been almost totally re-built.We were due to dock at 10.00.

After breakfast I headed up to the Sun-deck to watch the docking procedure. We rafted up to two other longships, an amazing display of skill by the captain. That done, with Don and Lynore we headed to the lounge to listen to a marvellous band called Tamburica. Four young men, all with stringed instruments played for us for about 45 minutes and my were they good! They sang some Croatian melodies and then wound up with Country Roads, and a few other well known hits to which we could sing-along.

Croatian Folk Band On Board. They Were Great!

Croatian Folk Band On Board. They Were Great!

We had lunch then the tour for the pm headed off at 1.30 pm. from Vukovar. We were headed north and slightly west to the town of Osijek. As we were leaving Vukovar, Sarah our guide told us of the huge fight that the men of the city put up against the Serbs of Milosevic. It was this battle, where they held the town for over 80 days, that was attributed to saving Croatia as an independent country. 45 minutes later we were at Osijek and our first stop which was a fortress in which there was a small abbey or monastery. My hearing let me down as I couldn’t determine which it was. However, there were now only three remaining inhabitants. In the grounds, a crew was excavating at an archaeological dig discovering artifacts from some 500 years ago.

Church Of St. Anthony At The Monastery

Church Of St. Anthony At The Monastery

From that place we drove 10 minutes to the estate of a local entrepreneur. He made his own plum brandy, smoked sausage and various other delicious items. We got to taste his wares and enjoyed all of them.

Back at the ship around 5.30pm, Croatian customs had come aboard to check passports and we were told they might need face checks too. They must have liked ours, (faces not passports) for we heard no more from them.

Dinner came around and we had a great meal with our usual great company before heading off to our room. we were so tired. Wow this fresh air and high temperatures ( 26C today) seem to be working a number on us. Mind you, if could also be the accumulation of plum brandy, wine and beer that has something to do with it too!

Goodbye for now folks, and God bless.

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4 comments on “Viking River Cruise-Apr./May 2013 (5)

  1. You take some amazing photos Mr. Davies! I really like getting your updates and hearing about my folks at the same time. Ha, ha. We are having beautiful sunshine here too. (For now. Supposedly the rain returns on Saturday). Big hugs to all of you.
    Love, Ellian

    • Kind words indeed Ellian. Thank you.
      We saw the pic of your babe after he’d had veggies! Beauty!
      We are currently undergoing a customs face check in Hungary. I wonder what they’ll make of mine!!
      LOve….(name is Martin )

  2. Shocking what they did to each other during the war. Good that they all have their own piece of dirt now. I was there in Tito’s time. It was all Yugoslavia then and different ethnic groups appeared to get along reasonably well. But once Tito went it just fell apart. Feeling more than a little envy as I see that sleek boat on those tranquil waters!

    • Yup Ralph. I guess all those old sore feelings were able to surface once Tito left
      The boat is indeed afine one. Heading towards Nuremberg now along a105 mile long canal. Just a tad bigger than the one at Gilwern
      All the best to those at Green Point.

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