The Tri-K

Charlotte ponders the deep end

Yesterday, Cynthia and I tagged along with our son Tim, Andi and their children Oliver and Charlotte to see Charlotte participate in the Comox Valley’s 30th Annual Tri-K. This wonderful event is open to all ages.  Charlotte and her friends Belle, Livia and Erica were participating in the event for the first time.  The organizers asked participants to swim two lengths of the local pool, cycle around the local high school twice and run approximately half way around the high school track.  All they had to do was finish and have fun doing it.  There were no times taken, no records kept and there were no prizes, (other than the participant T-shirt they get when they finish).  I saw kids having fun, parents cheering on ALL the kids, and many volunteers who helped put on the event.  There was enough positive energy in the area to power the Comox Valley for a while!

In my book, this is a brilliant event which allows kids to enjoy exercise, introduces them gently to a wonderful sport, and leaves everyone concerned wanting more of the same.  Of course, ending up in the Dairy Queen for an ice-cream is great too.

Here’s some video from the event, and below that are some pics in a slideshow.

Thanks from this Grandpa, to all who helped to make the event possible.

Goodbye for now and God bless.

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4 comments on “The Tri-K

  1. This is so beautiful – we envy you having your grandchildren so close. It must be a real joy for you and Cynthia.
    Lydia & Mac

    • We are so blessed to have them here, and we take nothing for granted. It was a lovely day and everyone enjoyed it.
      Thanks for responding.

    • You are right Andrew! Charlotte loves to run, just for the joy and fun in doing so. Oliver’s a brother who loves to chase her, so as long as she keeps running, they’ll both be fit!
      Thanks for the response,

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