An Evening WithTedx

One of the presenters

Last night Ben and I attended another session of Tedx, which is our local version of the world famous Ted presentations .  (The lower case x tells interested parties that the event is locally organised and not a function of the parent organisation.) Ted is a non-profit group dedicated to ideas worth spreading.  We listened to Ruth Masters, a 91 year old local woman who has spent her life trying to preserve wilderness areas and wildlife in this area.  Other presenters fascinated us too.  The evening concluded with local classical  pianist Sarah Hagen sharing something of her life and ideas as well as playing for us.

In the talk pictured above, the speaker was trying to demonstrate how viruses are much like corporations…an interesting concept.

If you’d like to see a sample of a Ted Talk click here.  This is one we watched last night.

Here also is a super quick one which I enjoyed.    I didn’t know I was tying my shoes the wrong way, but the clip has a very good  message too.

If you want an interesting and different evening out, why not see if there is a  Ted event happening in your locale, by clicking the link to the main site above or here.  Goodbye for now and God bless.

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