Charlotte’s Gym Party

On Sunday afternoon, the 09th of November, we all went along to the gymnasium at the Comox Recreation Centre to attend Charlotte’s gym party. Her birthday had actually been on the 4th of November, but Tim and Andi had decided to invite all her friends, about 9 in number, to the REC. Centre and the gym party. The children all played games with the gym instructors. They spent a lot of time doing parachute related games, then moved on to the equipment which had all been arranged to form a huge obstacle course. The got to swing on ropes, jump into foam pits and leap off the vaulting horse into another deep foamy pit. The party ended with cake and present giving in another room belonging to the Rec. Centre. The kids were then given ‘goodie’ bags which Andi had made up for them and we all went home. It was a great time together and a chance for a lot of little ‘uns to run off a whole pile of energy. I’m sure they all slept well that night.

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