Oliver’s First Birthday (Oct.12-2008)

These pictures were taken on October 11th a day before Oliver’s first birthday on the 12th. Tim and Andi had asked Jean and Ron, Ben and Josée and ourselves to come and have lunch on that day as they had promised to go to Andi’s parents’ place on Oliver’s actual birthday. Ron was feeling not too well so he didn’t make it. You can see from the following picture Oliver was up for it.

Charlotte did a great job of presenting Oliver with the few gifts he had. He really doesn’t understand gifts, birthdays as you can well imagine, but Charlotte helped him take off the wrapping paper as she was actually more excited than him.

Of course, the cake came last of all after lunch and the gifts. At first Oliver didn’t know what it was, but once Andi gave him a little to taste, he began to enjoy it wholeheartedly.

The crowning glory came when he dived into the cake with both hands. Ben took this picture as evidence. It was a great time and we all enjoyed it.

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To see more pictures check out the slideshow below.


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