Oliver James Weighs In

Oliver James Davies weighed into this world at 9pounds 5 ounces on Friday October 12th at 7:49p.m. Andi and he are doing really well. Andi was supposed to have a Caesarean section done on Monday Oct. 15th if the baby had not arrived naturally by then as she would have been one week overdue. However, at her Friday check-up it was discovered that she had gained another 2cm. around the middle, yet the baby’s head was nowhere near being engaged in the birth canal. Of prime concern was her blood pressure which was quite high. The doctor wisely suggested that as Andi would more than likely be in the hospital on Sunday in prep for Monday’s scheduled section, perhaps they should move up the surgery and do it on Friday evening. Andi and Tim agreed to that so Oliver was born as stated above. He is lovely. He has brown hair and seems to be very content. Andi and Tim are glad to be through this time. Charlotte will be seeing him today, Saturday, and is quite excited. The Davies family would like to thank all of you who have held Tim and Andi in your prayers and thoughts over the past weeks and months. Thanks be to God for the good health of Mum and babe.

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